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Personalized Virtual Care

With our nationwide practice of dedicated clinicians and advanced technology, we deliver CARE centered around you.

Regardless of where you are in your healthcare journey, our team of providers can assist you with every step toward improved well-being.

Virtual Urgent Care addresses the biggest pain points of our healthcare system

Telemedicine | Urgent Care

24/7 urgent care for common conditions, including COVID-19, strep throat, flu, urinary tract, and so much more.

Lab Screenings | Assessments

Preventative CARE programs leverage data to determine potential risk factors to manage specific issues and conditions.

Urgent Care: 24/7/365

on-demand access to licensed, board-certified physicians for medication and diagnosis as needed.Conditions covered but not limited too

Flu Symptoms
Sinus Problems Ear Infection Allergies
Urinary Tract
Nausea Pink Eye
Stomach Viruses

Did you know?

The average wait time for a consult is only 7 minutes.

Physicians can provide:

Short-term refills
Work/school excuse
Second Opinion
Answer Questions
Medical Advice
Update Medical Records

Consultations can be:

On-demand or by appointment and conducted by phone or online video.

Includes Family Members
No Consultation Fee


Lab Locator: Find the testing facility closest to your location for lab work and drug screening.

Medical Billing Assistance: Upload your medical bills to the online portal for assistance understanding, managing and paying your medical costs.

Procedure Scheduling: Find the best, most convenient provider and facility for your medical procedure, including pricing comparisons.

Consultations can be:

On-demand or by appointment and conducted by phone or online video.

Includes Family Members
No Consultation Fee


Virtual Counseling: Consult with a Master-level Therapist/ Counselor. Amount of counseling sessions will be clinically appropriate based on the issue.

Virtual Psychologist: Speak with a licensed Psychologist for one-to-one session(s) to assess your symptoms and evaluate your medical, psychological, and family history to determine a productive treatment plan.

Virtual Psychiatrist: Connect with a U.S. based, board certified Psychiatrist who can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications
for a range of mental health disorders, as necessary.

Addictive Behavior
Anxiety & Panic Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Death of a LovedOne
Grief & Loss
Life Changes
Parenting Issues
Relationship Issues
Substance Abuse
Stress Management
Trauma & PTSD

Head-to-toe healthcare that fits in your pocket

1. Schedule Consultation

Call, Click, or Tap to schedule your consultation

2. Talk to a Provider

A doctor will call you directly or join on video from the Lyric website or mobile app

4. Your Treatment Plan

See your diagnoses, prescriptions, and doctors’ notes as directed

5. Feel Better

Stay healthier! Use the app to keep track of your personal health records anytime from anywhere

Join MDLEGAL Personalized Care

It just takes a few minutes to sign up and get fast, easy access to care, 24/7 with virtual visits using phone or video with a board-certified doctor, attorney or financial advisor. You will receive an activation email immediately and typically talk to a professional within 15 minutes.

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