Financial wellness is everything to your employees

Covid has been especially tough on the workforce. First, 50+ million employees lost their jobs, took a pay cut or endured a forced furlough. Now, companies are struggling with the Great Resignation, with the biggest numbers of employees resigning in order to find a better paying job with better benefits – and those benefits better include financial wellness tools and solutions.

Employee financial (un)wellness is expensive

Haven’t you already noticed? Employees who are financially stressed are more likely to be alcoholic, drug-addicted, overweight, have increased workplace accidents, negative co-worker interactions, unemployed absences, and healthcare costs.

Insightful, comprehensive and easy-to-use. Best Money Moves offers consumer-focused financial education designed to help users of all experience levels learn more about their money. More than a simple budgeting tool, Best Money Moves helps your employee educate themselves about everything from investing in the stock market to co-signing loans to buying their first homes with access to a library of over 700 articles, videos and calculators.

See How It Works

Our short video explains how the program works and how it can help your employees.

We’re a different financial wellness solution.

Best Money Moves also personalizes benefits, combining them with an employees’ personal finances so it’s easy to see all the pieces of your financial life together, and in context. Our triggers and alerts system helps guide an employees to make smarter financial decisions, which leads to lower turnover, higher retention, lower healthcare costs with better outcomes, lower levels of workplace accidents, and so much more.

Don’t wait for the next Pandemic or recession to give your employees what they want and need.